Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage

The right is making predictable noises on the California Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, about activist judges and the will of the legislature being overturned.

The CA legislature has twice voted in FAVOR of same sex marriage.

The elected governor of CA, Ah-nold, supports the CA Supremes' decision.

Now the right will strike back with a ballot initiative to make same sex marriage unconstitutional. Which is their right to try and do.

And we must stop them. And the polls are moving in our direction. Winning in CA on this issue should become the number one gay civil rights issue in the nation. More important than Hillary. Or Obama.

Do you get it, HRC?

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Anonymous said...

More to the point, Do you get it, Obama? He's no better than she is on this issue, Scott, and you know it. He used the California decision yesterday to reassure the nation that he's not going to push for marriage equality at the federal level--a chickenshit position, just like Clinton's.