Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama's Problem

Is one he can't do anything about.

I had a call yesterday from a family member I had not yet spoken to about the election. And although my family now resides deep in the heart of the Midwest, our roots are deep in Appalachia.

She said she didn't like either candidate. I understood 50 percent of that, and asked, "why don't you like Obama?"

She hemmed and hawed and finally said, "He'll help the wrong people."


The LTR has been warning me not to discuss this election with family, for it will take me places I don't want to go. Perhaps he is right.

This episode has brought back a distant memory. My very first best friend was a fellow named Curtis. We became friends in first grade, and even now after all these decades I can still remember the affinity I felt for him. He was black. His family moved away after I'd known him for only a short time. Had they stayed, I have no doubt we would have stayed buds. I wonder how my family would have coped with that?


The LTR is probably right.


Alan Scott said...

Your LTR is right, Scott. Avoid political discussions with your family at all costs. :) Just the voice of experience.

Curtis said...

I don't discuss politics with my far right republican family for just the same reasons.

(By the way, it's always a little bit of a surprise to see your name on a blog!)

David said...

hmm - like my friend Antoine from first grade. His family moved away - I wonder if we'd have stayed friends. I hope so.

Enjoy the convention!